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Honduran mahogany is a medium – weight wood ranging from light brown to dark brown colors. It has the native range from South Mexico to upper Amazon. Mahogany wood produces a balanced and resonant tone while manufacturing guitars. Mahogany is a well-known tonewood used in guitar backs, sides, necks and tops.


Honduran Mahogany is available in lumber or veneer form. The tonal quality resembles few characteristics of Rosewood. It’s available in medium price range of an imported hardwood. Mahogany is a machine-friendly wood. It’s easy to work with tools and glues well.  The wood takes a beautiful finish after all manufacturing process. Hence, it’s popular among small and huge manufacturers.

Wood speciesHonduran Mahogany
Scientific name Swietenia macrophyllia
Weight590 kg/m3
ColorPale pinkish brown to dark reddish brown
TextureUniform and medium texture. Straight, irregular, interlocked or wavy grain pattern.
ShippingRequires Export Permit
RecommendationsBack and sides, Veneer