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East Indian Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar Back & Sides

Mostly lot of Luthiers just love to us for their Guitar Back and Sides the most popular wood- East Indian Rosewood.

East Indian Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar Back & Sides


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Things You Need To Know About Guitar Neck Wood Blanks
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The neck is a critical part of guitar construction. Neck in acoustic guitar extends from the heel joint at the top to the headstock. Necks mechanically support strings and provide an excellent playing fretboard. Neck and fretboard seriously affect the tone and playability of any guitar model. The changes in the neck dimension whether it’s […]

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What Are The Best Head Plate Woods For Guitar!
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Guitar lovers – it’s time to purchase the perfect ornamental embellishment. Complete your guitar manufacturing process with the best head plates in the market. Head plates and fingerboards have a similar function. So, most of the luthiers prefer the same tonewood for both head plates and fingerboards. Tonewood gives a unique style and looks to […]

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Best Wood Choice For Acoustic Guitars
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Best acoustic guitars are made out of high-quality wood. Ready to purchase a new guitar or looking to custom build a guitar. Guitar choice depends on the right tone selection and the amount of money spent on it. Each wood has a unique tone. Selected woods are treated in the factory and this determines the […]