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East Indian Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar Back & Sides

Mostly lot of Luthiers just love to us for their Guitar Back and Sides the most popular wood- East Indian Rosewood.

East Indian Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar Back & Sides


Ebony Fingerboard
Ebony Wood – Best Choice For The Fingerboard
0 Comments16,Nov,2019

Fingerboards influence the playability of guitars!! It’s arguably the most important part while manufacturing a guitar!! The right choice of the fretboard will improve the tonal quality and overall appearance of the Guitar. Fretboard surface needs to be durable since the strings involved in constant pressing!! Sticky fretboards are complicated creating difficulties in playing. Quality […]

Rosewood – First Choice For Back & Sides And Fingerboard
0 Comments08,Nov,2019

Rosewood is a most revered wood in instrument making especially guitars!! Prized wood and popular among American guitar makers!! Different combinations of woods make up the right sounding guitar!! The type of wood makes a huge difference in terms of playability and feel. Each wood has its own unique properties and highly influence the tonal […]

Australian Yellow Box Wood
What Our Customer Cheryl Lewis Had To Say About Our Australian Yellow Box Wood
0 Comments01,Aug,2019

Whew! That was so fun! This week I had the awesome privilege of turning a beautiful blank of Australian Yellow Box Wood from Exotic Wood Zone. It went so well! You may recall that I recently turned some awesome Australian Red Mallee Burl, but it gave me fits when I got to the inside. My […]

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