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Bubinga is a high-rated wood due to its exciting properties. Manufacturers manipulate it carefully because of the hardness and texture. Bubinga also called as African Rosewood. It has been used for years in the production of classic guitar.  Since, Bubinga is a dense wood; it’s popular in the making of electric guitar bodies. The electric guitar bodies made from Bubinga will be heavy but will sustain for years.

The wood is dense, hard and heavy, the attractive color and interlocking texture makes it unique. Bubinga sounds closer to rosewood and yet available at affordable price tag. It has a better quality and useful in making highly-priced instruments. It’s a wonderful wood which deserves more recognition.

Wood speciesBubinga
Scientific nameGuibourtia spp
Weight700-910 kg/m3
ColorOrange red, Often veined in darker red.
TextureRequires less grain filling with a finer texture.
ShippingRequires export permit
RecommendationsAlso used for drop-tops and veneer