Bridge Blanks

Musical/Luthier tonewoods are more expensive than regular lumbers. Generally, people select Musical grade lumbers on the basis of grain quality, appearance, and pattern. The musical grade pieces are heavily figured. Highly trained musicians and expert luthiers are aware that the right wood is essential for getting the best sounds. Therefore, they are giving more importance to the type of tone wood that is used for various parts of guitars, lutes, violins, and other stringed instruments.

Straightest parts of the trees are essential for making musical/luthiers. The trees must be free from breaks or gnarls because of resonating perfectly. Old trees are the most preferred choice because their cells can provide the right maturity and density. After turning the trees into lumbar, they should be cut into specific thickness. Then, they need to dry thoroughly.

Sometimes, several years are required for drying each piece of wood.
Carefully chosen trees are used for making tonewoods. These trees are harvested at a specific time. Then they are processed meticulously and dried by ageing. Climate-controlled environments are used for drying the tonewood.

Exotic Wood Zone offers you a great selection of bridge blanks that is perfect for matching your bridge to the back and sides. It is essential for adding aesthetic element or different sonic to your instrument. We are dealing with Bocote guitar bridge blanks, Cocobolo Rosewood guitar bridge blanks, East Indian Rosewood Bridge Blanks, Gaboon Ebony Guitar Bridge Blanks, Mexican Granadillo Guitar Bridge Blanks, Ziricote Guitar Bridge Blanks, etc.

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