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Tailpiece is also called as Stopbar. It’s a major component in many stringed instruments. A tailpiece anchors one end of the string with the turning mechanism. It’s essential to choose a quality tailpieces because it improves sustain and tone. Upgrading a poor quality tailpiece will improve the tuning stability. The effect of tailpieces varies according to the type of guitar models like acoustic, semi-acoustic and solid-bodied guitars.

It’s a small part in your guitar but, misplacing may result in poor tonal quality. Tailpieces have a significant effect on the sound and playability of the guitar.  It’s necessary to install in the perfect position which makes the instrument more responsive and easy to play. This adds resonance to the guitar producing rich overtones.

Ebony and Rosewood are common tonewoods used in the making of tailpieces. The wood has different structure and density which affect the overall tailpiece tone. So choose wisely according to your desired specification.