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Tulipwood is a classic and high-quality wood with attractive features. The Tulip Wood Pen Blanks has a unique color range within and between different species. The wood is low resistant to decay and highly resistant to insect attack. The fine texture and solid color pattern assure quality pen blanks. The wood turns well and hence, pen blanks turn out to be superb pens.

Tulipwood is fairly difficult to work. The extreme density may lead to breakage and quick dulling of hand tools. Tulipwood turns out well and takes a beautiful shine due to its own abundant oils. It’s often seen as smaller turning stock and likely to be very expensive exotic wood. It’s a lustrous wood with excellent polishing quality and glues well.

DescriptionMost ordinarily, tulipwood is the pinkish yellowish wood yielded from the tulip tree, found on the Eastern side of North America and furthermore in certain pieces of China. In the United States, it is generally known as tulip poplar or yellow poplar, despite the fact that the tree isn’t identified with the poplars.

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Wood speciesTulipwood
Scientific nameDalbergia decipularis
Weight 970 kg/m3
ColorColor varies from yellow, red, orange and pink
TextureFine Texture. Usually straight grain pattern.
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsMusical instruments and small turned objects.