Western Red Cedar Tops

Western Red Cedar Tops – Tonewoods

Origin : Pacific North west USA/ Canada
Density: 350-400 kg/M3
Western Red Cedar is a commercially Important Lumber used in a number of applications especially clear quartersawn material for classical guitar sound boards. Western Red Cedar Sounds great and is very stable wood with easy to work both hands and tools plus it glues and finished very well.
Does WR cedar dry faster than most woods?
 WRC, especially 4/4 cut will dry out very fast… a matter of days if the sun is out.  It will also pick up moisture really quick. We have seen boards left out in the sun lose half their weight in less than a week.

Lot of Luthiers love cedar for its warmth and attenuated highs.  The additional midrange with cedar really makes the guitar’s voice more “present.”   Couple this with less of the “upper” high end (where spruce is brighter and has more “zing” to the trebles), and the cedar really makes for a timbre that is full, rich, and seemingly louder picked or strummed (light to medium attack) since you’re getting more midrange, the “meat” of a guitar’s voice.   A cedar top has wonderfully defined tone with a crisp top end; the spruce will tend to be brighter on the top and has a bit of the “scooped” mids voice going on.  As a user of spurce for decades, I came to “discovering” how much I love this topwood, particularly when paired with rosewood in a GA, or mahog in a GS.

Cedar also is more touch-sensitive, where light playing with fingers or pick really comes out better than spruce. Cedar absolutely fares beautifully for all mild to moderately hard strumming.

Botanical Name: THUJA PLICATA 

We have imported this from Canada. We can sand both sides if you request us to do it. Please do contact us with any questions. Also we can do bulk orders 10 upto 1000 sets easily. Contact us for bulk pricing. 

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If you want us to let you know grains per inch please email us at [email protected] and let us know the set number. We can also send more pictures if requested by email. 

We do have both Classical and Acoustic or Dreadnought Western Red Cedar tops.
 Western Red Cedar Classical/OM Guitar Tops Measurements : 22 21/32 x 7 7/8 x 5/32 inches (550 x 200 x 4 mm)
Western Red Cedar Steel String/Dreadnought Guitar Tops Measurements : 22 21/32 x 8 15/32 x 5/32 inches ( 550 x 215 x 4 mm)

All Products Are Air Dried | Moisture- Between 8% to 12%

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