Sitka Spruce Tops

Sitka Spruce

This is the most commonly used wood for guitar tops which has a dynamic range and styles with Crisp articulation, aggressive strumming & flatpicking.

Spruce is used for acoustic soundboards because it has a high stiffness to weight ratio. Though some of the luthiers we have met prefer for acoustic guitars is Adirondack (red) spruce, but it is more scarce than Sitka spruce and generally costs more. Sitka spruce comparitively is very nice too. There are acoustic guitars , Mandolins etc with Adirondack, Sitka, and German spruce tops, and its difficult to pick a favorite.

Did you know that Sitka Spruce has a long life of upto 700 years? Amazing isn’t it?

Sitka spruce is used widely in piano, harp, violin, and guitar manufacture, as its high strength-to-weight ratio and regular, knot-free rings make it an excellent conductor of sound.

We have imported this from Canada. We can sand both sides if you request us to do it. Please do contact us with any questions
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If you want us to let you know grains per inch please email us at [email protected]  and let us know the set number. We can also send more pictures if requested by email.
We do have both Classical and Acoustic or Dreadnought Sitka Spruce tops.
Sitka Spruce Classical/OM Guitar Tops Measurements : 22 21/32 x 7 7/8 x 5/32 inches (550 x 200 x 4 mm)
Sitka Spruce   Steel String/Dreadnought Guitar Tops Measurements : 22 21/32 x 8 15/32 x 5/32 inches ( 550 x 215 x 4 mm)
All Products Are Air Dried | Moisture- Between 8% to 12%

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