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East Indian Rosewood Tops – Tonewoods 
Since you buy an all hog acoustic why can’t you buy an all rosewood guitar? if hog can be used for both back & sides as well as a top why not rosewood? or any other traditional back & sides for that matter? is it more to do with looks than performance for a top  Though Not an expert, but I think a rosewood top would be too dense and heavy, which would translate into poor acoustic properties. It might be just too heavy for the stings to move. As an example, Guild built an all flamed maple acoustelectric (DC130 w maple top, back, and sides). From what I hear, it looked great, sounded great plugged in, but just didn’t cut it as an acoustic…People have done it. I know Rodrigo Moreira made an all Brazilian classical. I didn’t get to hear it but I have it on very good authority that it sounded surprisingly good.

But I don’t think he’s made a lot of them so I suspect the verdict was that traditional top woods work better for the sound that most people want out of a guitar.
Like Koa, Walnut, or Mahogany, Rosewood can work very well for a soundboard but it will add quite a bit to the cost of the guitar. We had an all Rosewood Breedlove go through one of neighbouring store a while back and it sounded amazing. Done right hardwood makes an excellent soundboard
I leave the choice to the builder.  
” Whats bad for one may be good for the other” 
BOTANIC NAME: Dalbergia Latifolia
Not many use Rosewood as tops for guitar. But if you plan on making all rosewood or all mahogany guitar you know this is a good option. Irrespective of this you can also use this top as a back what ever suits you as builder. We just provide some choices. But you Luthiers are the creators of Great guitars.
Our East Indian Rosewood back & sides, fingerboards, Bridges, Headplates, Neck blanks etc come from our own Mill in India. We are specialist of East Indian Rosewood.

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