Mahogany is a most commonly used tonewood in guitar production.  Mahogany is a dense wood with dark colors and close grains. The wood has a warmer tonal quality compared to Cedar and Spruce wood. The density of Mahogany wood adds a great punch and projection to the tone featuring a “woody” character.

Mahogany is well –known for its co-operative nature and easy machining. The wood has excellent dimensional stability. It’s a popular wood material in guitar tops. Mahogany assures a warm, darker tone than cedar and spruce. Mahogany is a versatile tonewood which is very well suited to almost all musical styles. The combination of Mahogany with other tonewoods assures a balanced tone.


Wood species Mahogany
Scientific name Swietenia macrophylla
Weight 590 kg/m3
Color Pale pinkish brown to dark reddish brown
Texture Uniform and medium texture. Straight, irregular, interlocked or wavy grain pattern.
Shipping Requires Export Permit
Recommendations Back and sides, Veneer

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