Mahogany or Swietenia macrophylla, commonly known as mahoganyHonduran mahoganyHonduras mahoganybig-leaf mahogany,West Indian mahogany, is a species of plant in the Meliaceae family. It is one of three species that yields genuine mahogany timber, the others being Swietenia mahagoni and Swietenia humilis. It is native to South America and Mexico, but naturalized in the Philippines, Singapore and Hawaii, and cultivated in plantations and wind-breaks elsewhere.
Unlike mahogany sourced from its native locations, plantation mahogany grown in Asia is not restricted in trade. The mahogany timber grown in these Asian plantations is the major source of international trade in genuine mahogany today. The Asian countries which grow the majority of Swietenia macrophylla are India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Fiji, Philippines, Singapore, and some others, with India and Fiji being the major world suppliers
BOTANIC NAME: Sweetenia Macrophylla.

Not many use Mahogany as tops for guitar. But if you plan on making all rosewood or all mahogany guitar you know this is a good option. Irrespective of this you can also use this top as a back what ever suits you as builder. We just provide some choices. But you Luthiers are the creators of Great guitars.
We have imported this from INDIA as plantation Mahogany . We can sand both sides if you request us to do it. Please do contact us with any questions
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please email us at [email protected] and let us know the set number. We can also send more pictures if requested by email.
We do have both Classical and Acoustic or Dreadnought Mahogany Tops
Mahogany Classical/OM Guitar Tops Measurements : 22 21/32 x 7 7/8 x 5/32 inches (550 x 200 x 4 mm)
Mahogany Steel String/Dreadnought Guitar Tops Measurements : 22 21/32 x 8 15/32 x 5/32 inches ( 550 x 215 x 4 mm)
All Products Are Air Dried | Moisture- Between 8% to 12%

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