Adirondack Tops With Free Shipping

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Adirondack Spruce has its origin from North America. The top wood has a springy quality and produces a robust output with more dynamic range. It has the ability to produce aggressive greater volume without any distortion. It has a richer and quality midrange tones. It’s very much similar to Sikta Spruce in terms of mechanical properties.

Adirondack wood has an excellent projection and resonant than other top woods. The wood is easy to work when it’s free from knots. It glues and finishes well. In certain case, we get poor results because of its closed pore structure. It’s recommended to use a sanding sealer or gel stain when coloring Spruce. The wood is cheap and easily available.

Wood speciesAdirondack Spruce
Scientific name Picea rubens
Weight435 kg/m3
ColorCreamy white with a hint of yellow or red
TextureFine even texture. Consistently straight grain pattern.
ShippingNo restrictions.
RecommendationsMusical instruments soundboards