Spanish Cedar

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Spanish Cedar is almost similar to Honduran Mahogany but generally lighter wood. Spanish Cedar is a stable wood. It’s capable of holding its inner moisture level relative to humidity changes. It’s extremely rigid and works great as guitar bodies and necks. Most of the players fall in love with its rich and balanced tone.

Spanish Cedar grows in South America and it’s a close relative to Honduran Mahogany.  Spanich Cedar is easy to work with both machine and hand tools. The wood is resistant and moderately durable; it’s reported to have exceptional weathering characteristics. The wood is available as thinner lumbers at moderate price range. It’s a good choice for guitar necks.

Wood speciesSpanish Cedar
Scientific name Cedrela odorata
Weight470 kg/m3
ColorLight pinkish to dark reddish brown, color tends to darken with age.
TextureMedium texture. Shallowly Interlocked or straight grain pattern.
ShippingNo restrictions.
RecommendationsMusical instruments and small turned objects.