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Ebony is expensive for its dense black color and unbeatable hardness. The contrasting color makes it attractive for guitar fingerboards, backs and sides. Builders prefer West African based Ebonies because it’s easy to plane and stable than other woods. Ceylon Ebony, Gaboon Ebony, Mun Ebony and Macassar Ebony are few of the particular species under Ebony.

Ebony is well-known for its crisp and clear tone. It has oily pores and tight grains. This tight grain pattern gives your fingerboard a very slick look and fast playing quality. Ebony is a darkest fretboard making it popular on heavier music guitars.  Ebony fretboards have a bright or sharp top end and very well-defined low end.

Wood species Ebony
Scientific name Diospyros genus
Weight 1,100 – 1,300 kg/m3
Color Black, very dark after finishing
Texture Fine texture, straight with some interlocking grain pattern.
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Wood turning and carving