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Bocote has its origin from the nation of Central America and Mexico. It’s a hard and dense wood with medium texture. It’s a close relative to Ziricote and beautiful wood with a unique appearance. Bocote is easy to work in hand and machine. The wood has a natural luster which adds beauty to its visual appeal.

Guitar lovers consider Bocote to be highly expensive, but the wood is comparably cheaper than Rosewoods. This eye-catching wood is available as fingerboards for any guitar models. The wood is quite oily; hence it looks stunning after finish. These fingerboards have good attack and sustain.   

Wood speciesBocote
Scientific nameCordia spp
Weight855 kg/m3
ColorYellowish brown body with dark brown or black stripes
TextureMedium, uniform texture. Straight or interlocked grain pattern
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsMusical instruments, veneer, special wood items.