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American walnut or Black walnut is a favorite wood for all guitar lovers. This wood bends well; hence it’s easy to construct the guitar back and sides. Walnut has a very good tonal quality which utilizes the dark sounds of East Indian Rosewood and bright sounds of Maple wood.

American walnut is comparatively softer and resonant than Rosewood and Mahogany. Walnut proves to be the best tone wood with huge manufacturers and custom builders. The tonal characteristics of American walnut yield good balance between Rosewood and Mahogany. It has an attractive color scheme with occasional steaks.

Wood speciesAmerican Walnut
Scientific nameJuglans nigra    
Weight550-660 kg/m3
ColorRed, gray or purple
TextureContrasting tan center stripes
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsMellow finger style playing and flat-picked sound