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Walnut has its origin from Central California. Walnut is loved as a tonewood for acoustic and solid body guitars. Walnut wood resembles Koa in density and stiffness. The wood has a bright top end, the midrange falls between Mahogany and Rosewood. The lower end goes deeper slightly sounding woodier than Koa.

Walnut is loved by players who wish to have bright and warm overtones. The well-figured curves offer excellent back and sides. Walnut is well-known for its midrange and warmth; it’s an effective fingerstyle tonewood. It’s easy to work, glues and finishes well. World’s popular and stunning guitars have been crafted with walnut back and sides.

Wood species Walnut
Scientific name Juglans
Weight 650-700 kg/m3
Color Light pale brown to dark chocolate brown with darker brown steaks.
Texture Medium texture. Straight but irregular grain pattern
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Backs and sides, tops