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Tamarind is popular wood native to the African region. It’s planted in almost all kinds of tropical regions. Tamarind is a very good substitute to the Indian Rosewood. The tonewood has a perfect vibrato and supporting bass that creates a perfect background for all the voices. The wood assures balanced and crystal-clear tone.

The wood is dense with interlocked grain, hence, it’s considered difficult to work. The wood glues and finishes well assuring a natural polish.  The wood has an excellent string-separation which strongly improves the tone generation. The guitar responds well to tapping or percussive playing. The frequency spectrum flows well with human voice. The brilliant tonal quality assures top-notch performance.

Wood speciesTamarind
Scientific nameTamarindus indica
Weight850 kg/m3
ColorDeep reddish brown, sometimes with a purplish hue-heartwood portion.
TextureMedium uniform texture. Wavy and interlocked grain pattern.
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsBacks and sides