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Purple Heart is a less used name among the exotic wood category. It’s not a common wood among the guitar builders but, it has a really stunning appearance which attracts stringed-instrument lovers worldwide. Purple Heart is a dense and tough wood with exciting physical characteristics. It has a brilliant tonal quality which resembles the warmer version of Hard Maple wood.

Working with Purple Heart wood is a big challenge. When the wood is in contact with dull tools or cutter with high-speed, the wood releases a gummy resin which clogs the tools and complicates the entire process. Apart from these simple complications, Purple Heart gives a ravishing and unique look for your guitars.

Wood speciesPurple Heart
Scientific name Peltogyne pubelcens
Weight880 kg/m3
ColorPurplish Brown to eggplant purple.
TextureMedium texture with straight, wavy or irregular grain pattern.
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsHigh strength applications