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Padauk has its origin from the nation of Central and Tropical Africa. The resonant quality makes it popular in traditional and western instruments. Padauk is an excellent substitute for Rosewood in terms of tonal quality. Padauk has a bold color; hence it seems to be less appealing among the guitar lovers.

Padauk wood is referred as Vermillion. The UV-inhibition may prolong, but this wood glues and finishes well. Overall, padauk is easy to work with a pleasant scent. It’s widely available as lumber in different length and thickness. Padauk is moderately heavy with exceptional stability. It’s one of the popular woods among hobbyist wood workers because of its low-cost and attractive color.

Wood speciesPadauk
Scientific name Pterocarpus soyauxii
Weight745 kg/m3
ColorPale pinkish orange to deep brownish red
TextureCoarse and open texture. Straight or interlocked grain pattern
ShippingNo Restrictions
RecommendationsDrop tops, Back and sides, Veneer