Ebony Guitar Sets With Free Shipping

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Ebony, the wood used in guitars for hundreds of years. Now, it’s under the verge of extinction. Ebony trees are normally small and slow-growing. It’s a high-quality wood which is very hard and strong. This makes ebony as one of the highly demanded wood in the market.

Ebony is expensive for its dense black color and unbeatable hardness. The contrasting color makes it attractive for guitar fingerboards, backs and sides. Builders prefer West African based Ebonies because it’s easy to plane and stable than other woods. Ceylon Ebony, Gaboon Ebony, Mun Ebony and Macassar Ebony are few of the particular species under Ebony.

Wood speciesEbony
Scientific name Diospyros genus
Weight1,100 – 1,300 kg/m3
ColorBlack, very dark after finishing
TextureFine texture, straight with some interlocking grain pattern.
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsWood turning and carving