East Indian Rosewood Guitar Sets With Free Shipping

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East Indian Rosewood is native to the South Indian Peninsular region. The wood is hard and dense with coarse texture and unique striped figure.  East Indian rosewood is comparatively difficult to work because of its high density and interlocked nature. The wood glues and finishes well as the final product. Hence, it’s essential to take care during the working process.

The frequency range of Rosewood on both the ends of tonal spectrum is excellent. East Indian Rosewood is popular among musically rich tonewoods. The deep lows feel as of a throaty growl and treble notes stand out with excellent clarity. Indian Rosewood is a versatile tonewood and loved by professional guitar players.

Wood speciesEast Indian Rosewood
Scientific nameDalbergia latifolia
Weight830 kg/m3
ColorGolden brown to purplish brown with brown steaks
TextureMedium texture with narrowly interlocked grain
ShippingRequires Export Permit
RecommendationsExtensively on acoustic guitars.