Dreadnought/Steel String

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Cocobolo is a huge tropical hardwood belonging to the land of Central America. The hardness and density of wood produces clear musical tone. Cocobolo has a huge application in manufacturing musical instruments especially guitar.  Cocobolo works well in the production of guitar fingerboards, backs, sides, and employed in bass guitars too.

Dreadnought refers to the shape of the guitar, most commonly called as acoustic guitars. These are steel-stringed equipments enriched with a flavor of modern technology. Acoustic guitars use steel strings which includes nickel and bronze material. These strings are similar to electric guitar strings. Steel string guitars adopt themselves to a wide range of music. Acoustic guitars make composing easy.

Wood speciesCocobolo
Scientific nameDalbergia retusa
Weight1,095 kg/m3
ColorColor range from yellow, orange, red with brown shades and steaks of back or purple.
TextureStraight to interlocked grain, fine even texture.
ShippingRequires export permit
RecommendationsHigh end turnings