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Cocobolo is a huge tropical hardwood belonging to the land of Central America. The hardness and density of wood produces clear musical tone. Cocobolo has a huge application in manufacturing musical instruments especially guitar.  Cocobolo works well in the production of guitar fingerboards, backs, sides, and employed in bass guitars too.

Cocobolo Classical/OM guitars have a wider fretboard and considerably smaller than acoustic guitars. Classical guitars are equipped with nylon strings. These strings are thicker but softer sounding than steel strings. Cocobolo classical guitar is a perfect choice for beginners. This type of guitar is a bit cheaper than acoustic guitars.

Wood speciesCocobolo
Scientific nameDalbergia retusa
Weight1,095 kg/m3
ColorColor range from yellow, orange, red with brown shades and steaks of back or purple.
TextureStraight to interlocked grain, fine even texture.
ShippingRequires export permit
RecommendationsHigh end turnings