Cherry is one of the popular tonewood with several attractive features for guitar players.  Cherry wood has a beautiful tone that range between Maple and Walnut. It’s a suitable wood for both classical and steel guitars. It’s a pretty wood for guitar back and sides.

Cherry is the best wood for workability. The wood is stable and machines well. In certain case, if the wood gets stained it gives uneven results. In such case, it’s recommended to use sanding seal or gel-based stain. Cherry is domestically available as lumbers in a moderate price range. It’s rated as highly durable and resistant wood.

Wood species Cherry
Scientific name Prunus serotina
Weight 560 kg/m3
Color Pinkish brown while darkening turns into medium reddish brown.
Texture Fine and even texture. Straight grain pattern.
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Backs and sides, neck, tops
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