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Chechen wood grows in the land of Mexico and Central America. Chechen is a very less-known tone wood in the world of guitars. It’s often called as Caribbean Rosewood, since the wood has similar characteristics and habits of Rosewood.

Chenchen is dense and hard but easy to work. A few tear out may occur in case of machining parts with interlocked grain. The guitar backs and sides glue well to create a stunning outlook. Chechen has a fine texture with very good durability. Chechen is estimated as an affordable substitute for highly expensive tropical woods. It has a moderate pricing as of imported hardwood.

Wood speciesChechen
Scientific nameMetopium brownei
Weight990 kg/m3
ColorRed, orange or brown contrast with dark stripes blackish brown
TextureFine texture with natural luster
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsGood for various applications