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Ziricote Finger Board

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Ziricote is a popular and visually stunning exotic wood which belongs to the Central American countries. It’s well known for the spiderweb or landscape grain pattern. The wood is hard and dense, which is good for turning and carving objects. Ziricote is quite expensive, approaching the cost of some Ebony species.

Ziricote has a rich and deep bass with sparkling highs. It’s most commonly used as fingerboards with a silky and smooth finish. Ziricote is a popular fretboard in terms of workability and playability. The wood is hard and works well for medium or smaller frets. The tonal quality of Ziricote is similar to Ebony, but a bit darker.

Wood species Ziricote
Scientific name Cordia dodecandra
Weight 805 kg/m3
Color Medium to dark brown with either green or purple hue intermixed with black growth rings.
Texture Medium to fine texture. Straight to slightly interlocked grain pattern
Shipping No restrictions
Recommendations Acoustic and electric guitars