Exotic Ebony/Pale Moon Ebony

Exotic Ebony/Pale Moon Ebony Drop Tops

All Products Are Air Dried.

Moisture- Between 9% to 12%

Pale moon Ebony also called as black and white ebony. It’s popular among U.S guitar luthiers and Africans. This Southeast Asian wood is the most difficult perplexing exotic wood in the wood market.  Pale moon Ebony has been used as the guitar drop tops for years.

The wood has good working properties; it machines, glues, turns and finishes well.  The wood has a natural oil content which leaves the product finished. The wood is very expensive and less available in the market. The wood is dense and heavy but it’s a smooth tonewood with appealing traits to many guitar players. The visually stunning effect attracts guitar lovers.

Wood speciesPale Moon Ebony
Scientific name Diospyros malabarica
Weight825 kg/m3
ColorPale straw color with dark black steaks
TextureUniform texture with straight grain pattern.
ShippingRequires export permit
RecommendationsAcoustic guitar fret boards, back and sides, electric guitar drop tops.
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