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Gaboon Ebony Bridge Blanks

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All Products Are Air Dried. Moisture- Between 8% to 12%

Gaboon Ebony has its origin from Western Africa. It’s also called as Nigerian Ebony or Cameroon Ebony.  It’s an extremely heavy and dense wood with fine texture. At times it’s difficult to work with Gaboon Ebony, because of its high density and interlocked grain pattern.  But, the high oil content found in the wood assures excellent finish to the guitar bridges.

Gaboon Ebony is considered to be expensive than most species of Rosewoods. The wood has high-demand in the market. The deep or solid black color makes it an attractive bridge blank for most of the guitar models.  Gaboon Ebony is rated as highly durable with good resistance.

Wood speciesGaboon Ebony
Scientific nameDiospyros crassiflora
Weight955 kg/m3
ColorJet black with dark brown or grayish brown stripes.
TextureFine, even Texture. Straight but interlocked grain pattern.
ShippingNo Restrictions
RecommendationsMusical instrument parts, piano keys and carvings.