East Indian Rosewood

East Indian Rosewood belongs to the rosewood family. They are mainly used for making high-end furniture, musical instruments, cabinetry, etc. Luthiers use them to make guitars backs & Sides, fingerboard, bridges, headplate, binding and even neck for the guitars. Its also used in other musical instrument such as Ukelele, viola etc The wood is available as squares, blocks, lumber, and decorative veneer. The tree is native to Southern Asia particularly Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia. Lower elevations are required for this tree. It grows over a wide area. This is a very durable species if dried properly. Working with East Indian Rosewood is not very difficult and is lighter than ebony. Exotic wood zone acquires all its rosewood legally from India with CITES permit and also we ship internationally for small customers. We do provide CITES permit to customers for an additional fee.

Pictures are for reference, You will get similar products closer to what shown on the photo.

All Products Are Air Dried. Moisture- Between 8% to 12%

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