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German Spruce Tops

All Products Are Air Dried. Moisture- Between 9% to 12%

German Spruce is also called as European Spruce. This wood is a very good choice in archtop sets. It’s softer than Sitka producing a darker acoustic tone. The wood is versatile; it works well with a variety of playing styles. It’s more difficult to find quality pieces in European Spruce while comparing it with Sitka spruce.

German Spruce sounds great on fingerstyle chord melody as well as pickstyle notes. It’s easy to work and machines well unless there are no knots. The wood glues and finishes well. It’s a very good combination with Maple back and sides. The construction cost is cheap and the wood is easily available in trade.

Wood speciesGerman Spruce
Scientific namePicea abies
Weight405 kg/m3
ColorCreamy white with hint of yellow or red
TextureFine, even texture. Consistently straight grain pattern
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsMusical instruments soundboard