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Ebony, the wood used in guitars for hundreds of years. Now, it’s under the verge of extinction. Ebony trees are normally small and slow-growing. It’s a high-quality wood which is very hard and strong. This makes ebony as one of the highly demanded wood in the market.  Indian Ebony is commonly used as a substitute for Gaboon Ebony.

Indian Ebony is less in supply; it has a high natural oil content which works well for guitar bridges. The wood has very good working properties, it turns and finishes well. Indian Ebony is regularly employed as acoustic guitar fretboards and bridges. It’s half the price of Gaboon Ebony.

Wood speciesIndian Ebony
Scientific nameDiospyros ebenum
Weight915 kg/m3
ColorJet black with dark brown or grayish brown stripes.
TextureFine, even Texture. Straight but interlocked grain pattern.
ShippingNo Restrictions
RecommendationsMusical instrument parts, piano keys and carvings.