Black Palm

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Black Palm primarily grows in the region of Southeast Asia and South America.  It’s an exotic wood which is hard and dense. It’s neither softwood nor a hardwood. The woody portion comes from the outside of the tree. Black Palm Turning Blanks has a very soft and mushy center. The wood is highly variable in its strength, weight, and hardness because of the non-homogenous property.

Black palm is quite difficult to work with both machine and hand tools. But, applying sharp tools and correct cutting angles assures clean results. The light color acquires more finish; hence it’s essential to take care during the finishing process. Black palm wood is normally available as narrow boards and spindle-stock. The wood is available in a moderate price range.

Wood speciesBlack Palm
Scientific nameBorassus flabellifer
Weight970 kg/m3
ColorBlack Fibers in a light brown colored body.
TextureMedium to a fine texture. Very straight grain pattern with no knots or defects.
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsTurning objects.

The scientific name of the black palm or palmyra palm is Borassus Flabellifer. The common distribution of this tree is tropical Asia and Africa. Black fibers will be embedded in a light brown or light tan colored body of this tree. The fibers of this tree are more densely packed towards the outside of its trunk. As a result, there will be more sparse toward the center of this tree. The darker vascular bundles are absent in the center core of black palm. Therefore, this wood will have a characteristic look and hardness.

The texture of black palm is medium to fine. But, it does not mean that it is even or uniform. The grain of this tree is very straight. It lacks growth rings, defects, or knots. Black palm is very durable and can resist decay. Working with black palm is a little difficult with both hand tools and machinery.

Black palm is mainly used for making bottle-stopper, a handcrafted item. You can make a very nice pattern by using black palm. These types of stoppers have a chrome finish and a ribbed rubber gasket. Bottle stoppers are used for keeping your wine and other cold drinks fresh. The meticulous shape of a black palm is perfect for making bottle stoppers. It also provides a very nice glossy finish.

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