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Wenge is a visually striking wood with chocolate brown color and looks great while combined with other contrasting woods. Wengue Pen Blanks have the good wood, The wood has a rare and distinctive figuring which is used in most of the carvings. The dark color is a good choice for pen blanks. The wood has excellent strength and hardness properties. It’s a good substitute for Ebony.

The wood is available as consistent and straight lumber which makes the work easy.  Wenge is easy to work with exceptional grain pattern. It can be difficult to work with some hand and machine tools. Wenge wood easily undergoes segmented woodturning, where the wood can be turned into any desired shape. Wenge is an expensive and highly demanded pen blank.

Wenge, a dim hued wood, is the result of Millettia laurentii. Different names once in a while utilized for wenge incorporate African rosewood (questionable), fake midnight, dikela, mibotu, bokonge, and awong. The wood’s unmistakable shading is institutionalized as a “wenge” shading in numerous frameworks.

Exotic Wood Zone offers wide varieties of Wengue Pen Blanks

Wood speciesWenge
Scientific nameMillettia laurentii
Weight870  kg/m3
ColorMedium brown with a reddish or yellow hue
TextureVery coarse texture, usually straight grain pattern.
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsMusical instruments and turned objects.