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Katalox is an exotic wood also referred to as Mexican Ebony. This wood is native to Central America. The wood is far superior in strength compared to Hard Maple and Teak. The wood is exceptionally heavy and hard.  Katalox Pen Blanks is a very dense exotic wood and hence, it turns and polishes to a high-quality pen blank.

The wood is available in your desired size as turning squares or figured lumbers. This imported tropical wood has a moderate price range. The wood is considered difficult to work because of its high density. But, the wood glues and finishes well. The overall color pattern and wood structure make it an attractive pen blank.

Katalox is regularly known as Mexican Ebony. These Dark Brown pen spaces have twirling grain designs and are VERY DENSE! This implies they turn effectively and clean to a HIGH Shine! Like African Blackwood, yet not as dull

Exotic Wood Zone offers a wide variety of Katalox Pen Blanks

Wood speciesKatalox
Scientific nameSwartzia spp
Weight 1150 kg/m3
ColorReddish brown to black with purple hue.
TextureFine even texture. Usually, straight grain pattern may be interlocked or irregular.
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsTurnings, Guitars, and special wood items.