Australian Red Coolibah

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Australian Red Coolibah produces one of the hardest and strongest timbers in the world. It’s commonly found in Australia and referred to as flooded box or western coolibah. The wood is mostly available as burls. Red Coolibah is a popular choice among pen turners’. The pen blank is available in different size and easy to customize according to your imagination.

Red Coolibah plays an important role in manufacturing our lifestyle products. The wood is dense and works as a base for carvings. The vibrant colors and unique grain pattern makes it an attractive pen blank.  The nature of wood movement may result in shrinkage and expansion. Overall, the wood turns well and it’s a perfect pen blank.

Red Coolibah Burls are collected all through Australia, commonly in floodplains or close waterways. Timber is commonly not accessible from these types of Eucalyptus, yet the burls are prized for their interesting figure and shading.

Exotic Wood Zone offers a wide variety of Australian Red Coolibah Pen Blanks

Wood speciesAustralian Red Coolibah
Scientific nameEucalyptus coolabah
Weight 1085 kg/m3
ColorBrownish pink to darker reddish brown.
TextureFine texture. Interlocked grain pattern
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsTurned objects and speciality wood items.