Australian Eucalyptus

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Australian Eucalyptus or the Iconic Australian Gum tree, it’s found in most of the environments on the continent. Australian Eucalyptus Pen Blanks have the best wood, These are evergreen hardwoods. The leaves produce a distinctive camphor-like scent.  Eucalyptus has a very good color range which creates excellent pen blanks. The color ranges from red to reddish brown and the sapwood is pale cream. The wood turns out to be excellent pen models.

The wood is moderately easy to work with hand and machine tools. The cut wood stays strong and dense for a long time. The wood may tear out during planning and other surface operation. The wood is less stable and hence used in applications where stability is less important. The wood glues and finishes well.

DescriptionEucalyptus is a class of more than seven hundred types of blossoming trees, bushes or mallees in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae. Alongside other genera in the clan Eucalypteae, they are regularly known as eucalypts.

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Wood speciesAustralian Eucalyptus
Scientific nameEucalyptus globulus
Weight820 kg/m3
ColorRed to reddish brown and the sapwood is a pale cream
TextureMedium to coarse texture. Slightly interlocked grain pattern
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsVeneer and turned objects.