Australian Brown Mallee

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Australian Brown Mallee is an incredible species native to Australia. The wood has a beautiful color and figure.  It’s a distinctive mix of bright golden heartwood with white sapwood. The wood exhibits a dense and smooth nature with a light sanding. The wood lumber assures a durable finish and natural artistic palette for artisans. Brown Mallee blanks have tight figure and color that are best suited for pens, bowls, and other fine articles.

The wood is generally available as burl caps and sawn burl blocks. It’s usually shorter than trees and less available as lumbers. The wood has a tendency for burl growths which is used for turning and carvings. Australian Brown Mallee has a high price range.

Darker Mallee burl is a mind-blowing species with delightful shading and figure. This local Australian timber has an unmistakable blend of brilliant dark-colored heartwood with differentiating white sapwood. The wood is thick and effectively yields a smooth, solid completion with a light sanding. This uncommon timber offers a characteristic, aesthetic palette for any craftsman. Burl squares and bowl spaces have tight figure and hues that are perfect for boxes, axles, pins, blades, and other fine articles. Burl eyes may grow commonly little invasions however are usually little. Be set up to fill the attacks with epoxy or a blend of epoxy and minerals like Turquoise or other fine decisions which can be found on our site.

Exotic Wood Zone offers wide varieties of Australian Brown Mallee Pen Blanks

Wood speciesAustralian Brown Mallee
Scientific nameEucalyptus dumosa
Weight  1050 kg/m3
ColorMedium brown with orange cast heartwood, pale yellow to gray sapwood.
TextureMedium to coarse texture. Straight to the interlocked grain pattern.
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsTurned objects, knives and small specialty objects.