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Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood belonging to the land of Central America. The hardness and density of wood produce a clear musical tone. Cocobolo Knife Blanks is an effective turning blank which turns musical instruments especially the guitar.  Cocobolo works well in the production of guitar fingerboards, backs, sides, and employed in bass guitars too.

The captivating look and spectacular grain make it the right choice for all quality products. This wood has high demand and it’s quite expensive in the wood market. It’s a beautiful colored wood with an excellent grain structure that looks great on any knife handles. The wood has a very fine texture and high oil content. This makes Cocobolo a unique knife blank. It’s a favorite wood for manufacturing small items at an affordable cost.

Cocobolo is an effective replacement of Brazilian Rosewood. It captures all the beauty of this Rosewood with attractive tonal quality. The captivating look and superb tone makes it the right choice for all guitar builders. This wood has high demand and it’s quite expensive in the wood market.

Exotic Wood Zone offers wide varieties of Cocobolo Knife Blanks

Wood speciesCocobolo
Scientific nameDalbergia retusa
Weight1,095 kg/m3
ColorColor range from yellow, orange, red with brown shades and steaks of back or purple.
TextureStraight to interlocked grain, fine even texture.
ShippingRequires export permit
RecommendationsHigh end turnings, musical instruments and small specialty objects.