Black Palm

The tough outer rings of a palm tree is known as Black palm. The palm tree is native to Southeast Asia and Australia. Distinctive speckled or streaked pattern is the specialty of the wood of this tree. The wood also contains flecks of black and deep brown backdrop. Though the wood is extremely durable and hard, it is not so heavy. Black palm blanks can be used for a number of different projects. They are also available in various sizes for carvings, pens, game pieces, bottle stoppers, candlesticks, finials, spindles, table legs, tool handles, and whatever else you imagine.

The demand for black palm is very high but the supply is very limited. Black palm is prevalent in Queensland, Australia. This is abundantly seen in rainforests of Southeast Asia and Australia. Black palm turns perfectly well. The trunk of this tree is closely ringed and smooth. As the palm ages, it becomes nearly black.

Another popular name of black palm is palmyra palm. The scientific name is Borassus flabellifer. It has a light brown colored body or black fibers embedded in a lighter tan. Fibers are more densely packed. The center core of black palm is soft and it contains none of the darker vascular bundles. Thus, the wood has a characteristic look and hardness. The grain of this wood is completely free from growth rings, defects, rays, sapwood, or knots. A uniform distribution of black fibers is embedded in the body of this tree. The endgrain has a dotted pattern that is unique to the palm tree. Black palm susceptible to insect attack, but this timber is durable because it has high decay resisting capacity.

Working with black palm is quite difficult. Correct cutting angles and very sharp tools are required for getting clean results. Tearout can be reduced and more homogeneous density can be attained if you apply sanding sealer or harder prior to final machining or sanding. Larger quantities of finish can be absorbed because of the lighter colored body of this timber.

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