Ebony, the dense black hardwood, is a species in the genus Diospyros. It also contains persimmons and it can sink in the water perfectly. This finely textured wood provides a very smooth finish when polished. Thus, it is a valuable ornamental wood. Ceylon ebony and Gabon ebony are the major types of ebony. The scientific name of Ceylon ebony is Diospyros ebenum and Gabon ebony is Diospyros crassiflora. The former is a native to Sri Lanka and southern India and the latter is a native to western Africa.

Ebony is used for various woodworking projects for the past many centuries. The carved pieces were also discovered from Ancient Egyptian tombs. Ebony was used in 16th century for making fine cabinets for luxury trade. The wood is very popular because of dense hardness lent. However, the modern uses of ebony timbers are largely restricted to small items, which include crucifixes and musical instrument parts like harpsichord keys, black piano, viola, violin, cello fingerboards, double bass, guitar, mandolin, bow frogs, chinrests, pegs, and tailpieces. This black wood is used for making many guitar picks or piectra.

Traditionally, ebony was used for making black pieces in chess sets. White pieces were made by using rare boxwood or ivory. Ebony was also used for making East Midlands-style lace-making bobbins. The wood is very strong, so the wood is used for many rifle fore-end tips and handgun grips. The myriad use of ebony leads to unsustainable harvesting. Thus, many species yielding ebony are considered threatened. Most illegal cutting of indigenous ebony is in Africa.

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