Yellow Box

Common Name(s): Yellow Box

Scientific Name: Eucalyptus melliodora

Distribution: Eastern Australia

The scientific name of yellow Box is Eucalyptus melliodora, which is an occasionally tall, medium-sized eucalyptus. The heartwood of this tree ranges from light pink to golden brown. The sapwood is pale gray, which is sharply demarcated from heartwood. Yellow box commonly appears in burl form. Harvested in Southeastern Australia, Yellow Box is a medium to tall tree in Eucalyptus family. The lumber of this tree is harvested and used for various different outdoor projects such as bridge parts, fence posts, etc. The lumber is very dense and heavy the color is brown. The rot resisting power of this timber is extremely high. The lumbar of yellow box is not popularly used for woodworking. But, the burls get lots of appreciation because of their unique figure and color.

The timber of yellow box is commonly used for making knife and gun grips, turned objects, and small speciality objects. There will be some standard health issues when you work timbers because of wood dust. Except for these common health issues, there will not be any additional health problems associated with yellow box burls. However, lots of species within Eucalyptus genus cause some allergic reactions. You should adopt some safety measures while doing woodworking projects.

Generally, yellow box burls are available in sawn burl blocks, burl caps, and small pieces of figured timber. The prices of this timber are very high. The price is as same as other imported solid wood burl products. Yellow Box Burls are not listed on the IUCN Red List or in the CITES Appendices. Below are the pictures and purchasing details of Yellow Box Burls.

You will get the exact same image that you see in the picture.

Please Note:  Due to the nature of burls, this wood may have checks or small cracks that may be visible or may not be visible.  This is the nature of this type of wood and some checking should be expected. 

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