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Maple is a hardwood with good sustain and excellent tonal qualities. Maple Burls is a common and popular wood in guitar construction. It’s used in the tops, necks, backs, and sides.  Maple is mainly used in arch tops, because of its classy look and bright sounding. Traditionally, guitar necks are made from Maple wood because of its strength and ability to amplify the wood.

Maple is a commonly used tonewood in solid bodies. It has most of the features similar to an acoustic string instrument. All the solid bodies have a variation in the scale length. It’s easy to adjust the height of the string from the fingerboard. Most solid bodies have control over the volume and tone produced by the guitar.

In addition to its beautiful look, Maple has a very good low-end response, plenty of projection and unbeatable clarity in the top end. Each wood pattern offers different sounds depending upon the density of the material. Maple offers rich overtones which favor the fundamental pitch.

Exotic Wood Zone offers wide varies of Maple Burls

Wood speciesMaple
Scientific nameAcer
Weight600 – 750 kg/m3
ColorWhite to off-white cream with a reddish or  golden hue
TextureFine, even texture. The straight or wavy grain pattern
ShippingNo restrictions
RecommendationsMusical instruments, turning objects, special wood items.