Best Wood Choice For Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitar wood

Best acoustic guitars are made out of high-quality wood. Ready to purchase a new guitar or looking to custom build a guitar. Guitar choice depends on the right tone selection and the amount of money spent on it. Each wood has a unique tone. Selected woods are treated in the factory and this determines the […]

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Honduran Mahogany – Best Choice For Guitar Necks

Honduran Mahogany

Mahogany is a high-quality wood used in guitar manufacturing for decades! Honduran Mahogany is well-known as the finest cabinetry wood in the world!! It’s a durable, rich-colored wood with attractive grains and stains. The wood glues solidly onto the manufactured outcome and easily carved into intricate details. So, Mahogany is a great choice In musical […]

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Ebony Wood – Best Choice For The Fingerboard

Ebony Fingerboard

Fingerboards influence the playability of guitars!! It’s arguably the most important part while manufacturing a guitar!! The right choice of the fretboard will improve the tonal quality and overall appearance of the Guitar. Fretboard surface needs to be durable since the strings involved in constant pressing!! Sticky fretboards are complicated creating difficulties in playing. Quality […]

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Rosewood – First Choice For Back & Sides And Fingerboard


Rosewood is a most revered wood in instrument making especially guitars!! Prized wood and popular among American guitar makers!! Different combinations of woods make up the right sounding guitar!! The type of wood makes a huge difference in terms of playability and feel. Each wood has its own unique properties and highly influence the tonal […]

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What Our Customer Cheryl Lewis Had To Say About Our Australian Yellow Box Wood

Australian Yellow Box Wood

Whew! That was so fun! This week I had the awesome privilege of turning a beautiful blank of Australian Yellow Box Wood from Exotic Wood Zone. It went so well! You may recall that I recently turned some awesome Australian Red Mallee Burl, but it gave me fits when I got to the inside. My […]

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What Our Customer Cheryl Lewis Had To Say About Our Australian Red Mallee Burl

Australian Red Mallee Burl

I have to be candid with you:  I’m not the most experienced woodturner around. Oh, sure I’ve been putting in my time, learning all I can from lots of skilled mentors and generous fellow turners. But I’ve amassed just 18 months of experience and that will only take you so far, even if you’ve been […]

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Wood Workers, Did your wood end up warped?

I thought its important to discuss here this topic so we understand moisture content relative to humidity. As we have different temperature and weather conditions in each state and to be more particular in each town we live in. As such we should understand and pay much attention to this very important aspect before we […]

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Rosewood And Ebony Fretboards

Exotic wood especially rosewood and ebony  plays a very important role  on the impact of overall  tone produced.  Sometimes we end up focusing  more on the composition of wood  on the body and ignore the aspect of fingerboard which is also equally important.  I am not really an expert in this field but my knowledge […]

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