Acoustic Guitar wood
Best acoustic guitars are made out of high-quality wood. Ready to purchase a new guitar or looking to custom build a guitar. Guitar choice depends on the right tone selection and the amount of money spent on it. Each wood has a unique tone. Selected woods are treated in the factory and this determines the exact look, tone, and playability of the guitar. Most of the woods are used in guitar manufacturing. Guitar woods are strong enough to hold up the structure and exhibit perfect tonal characteristics.
Wood choice creates a huge difference in the guitar tones. So, the type of wood is influential. A guitar is made out of several wood combinations for backs and sides, tops, neck, fretboard, the bridge, bracing and headstock.
Take a look at the best wood choice for acoustic guitars,


Maple woodMaple wood is a great choice for guitar necks. The wood is strong and durable with good tonal qualities and excellent sustain. Maple guitar necks exhibit high-strength and the material amplifies the wood in the body. Maple is also considered as a top wood because of its attractive color and grain pattern. Maple is also considered as a good choice for backs and sides because the wood has a ‘low response rate’. Maple works well in a band situation and easily merges with other instruments. The wood has more emphasis on higher notes and also focuses on individual notes.


RosewoodRosewood is a popular wood choice in acoustic guitars. It’s a traditional wood with a higher response rate. The mid-range is similar to Mahogany but expands into high-end tones and low-end tones. This produces deep bass and bright treble notes. The wood is hard and porous; it’s a natural choice for back and sides. Brazilian Rosewood and Indian Rosewood are the popular species used in guitar manufacturing. The wood looks gorgeous with an attractive range of purple and brown color. Rosewood sounds rich and works well as bridge blanks. Rosewood’s popularity led to its extinction and listed as one of the endangered species.


mahagonyMahogany is a high-quality wood that is well-suited for guitar backs and sides. Most of the bass bodies are made out of Mahogany wood. The wood has a great mid-range character. Mahogany enhances mid-range tones and adds thickness to the sound. It’s typically a warm timbre with a lot of bottom end. Mahogany is also considered as a good choice for guitar tops. Mahogany tops have a punchy tone with a good high-end response. Most of the guitar types often combine Mahogany body with a Maple top for an overall balanced tone


spruce woodSpruce is an ideal wood choice for guitar tops. Spruce wood is well-known for its beautiful tonal qualities. Spruce is a light-colored or plain wood, which looks great on your guitar tops. This light-colored wood looks stunning with contrast dark-colored backs and sides. The wood has an appealing tone for players with a soft touch. The wood has a dynamic range and resonates well with a range of tones. Sitka Spruce and Adirondack Spruce are the popular soundboard material.
Wood is a prominent raw-material in guitar production. There are different types of woods used by guitar manufactures for decades. Few wood types are close to extinction and no longer used in the guitar market. Get the right choice of wood from the world’s best supplier for an excellent sounding guitar.